Damon Trouvé

Damon Trouvé Front End Developer

Damon has over 6 years of industry experience designing, building and maintaining websites and social media channels. As our Lead Front End Developer, he is responsible for crafting your ideas into functioning web products.

Damon has managed social media accounts for local government and has maintained a daily relationship with over 120,000 users, growing these channels with unique ideas and targeted messages.

Damon works alongside the team responsible for maintaining a large government website and handles their internal communications platform as well. He has been developing websites since he was a teenager and has helped many small businesses and individuals.

Damon has received an excellence award for his efforts in developing and delivering web materials that promote road safety both on websites and on social media.

“I love developing new and exciting things for the web. We’re all so reliant on being connected to each other – so its my job to make sure we can always push the envelope and stay competitive in this fast-paced environment.”

Damon has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computer Science.