A Novel in 365 Days

Hello there, and welcome. For the best part of my thinking life I have often wanted to publish my own book. I’d love nothing more than to have a wonderful house somewhere that overlooked a stunning vista, bathed in sun all day where I could sit and write in beautiful surroundings, but let’s face it – Im 26 and there are bills to pay.

I once tried NaNoWriMo, but the pace was too great to fit in the rest of a busy modern life, whilst still maintaining any time at all for relaxation and unwinding before lacing my boots and once again stepping into the ring for another round against life.

So i came up with this idea – 365 days – 200(ish) words a day to bring my story to life.

Now it’s important to note at this point that anything here is first pass, and this is an experiment as much as it is an attempt at a life goal. I will be leaving comments on for each blog, so you can tell me how awful (or hopefully, every once in a while, how good) the story is so far.

The idea is to take the 365 entries and edit and restructure them, and then some time in 2019 – I will publish the book online and with any luck, someone will get through it without saying they wasted their time and money.

I will update this site every day for the next year, so If you have come in half way through, get caught up and there should be enough to read going forward.

Remember to leave comments, and if you must call my work terrible, let me know how you’d improve it.

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